An Opportunity for Growth: Gift Yourself Some Self-Improvement

It can be a little strange to think of self-improvement as a gift. After all, we’re brought up to think of gifts as something tangible, such as the latest tech gadget or the new pair of shoes we’ve been eyeing. Well, self-improvement can be given in tangible forms, and it’s the gift that will keep on giving all year long. Think about it–as we get older, bad habits, weight gain, ambition, and other factors change the way we look at the world and ourselves. However, now is as good a time as ever to get back on track and make ourselves better by purchasing treats based on improvements we’d like to make in our lives.

Of course, self-improvement can mean many things. The desire for better health and nutrition drive many people to eat more balanced meals and pursue workout regimens designed to produce a trim, more attractive physique. Some prefer to expand their knowledge base or pick up a new hobby or skill. Whatever improvement you’d like to make, there is an item to help you do it. Here are a few to get you started:

Tools for a new you

Exercise isn’t just great for your physical self–it improves your mental health and is a natural way to burn off stress. The LuxFit foam roller is a great tool to help you stretch out before and after a workout, necessary for preventing muscle and other soft tissue injuries. Your spine and quads get a workout on a thick, high-density roll, which comes in different sizes. Once you’re good and stretched out, reach for your combination dumbbell/alarm clock for some curls (you have to multi-task every day, so why shouldn’t your workout equipment?). For something a little more high impact, how about a set of kickboxing gloves for a workout that’s guaranteed to burn off some of that unwanted weight?

Helpful hobbies

Picking up a new hobby can be about more than puttering around with a few woodworking tools or collecting stamps. There are lots of mental, physical, and emotional benefits to pursuing a new interest or resuming an old one. It can be a great outlet for your creativity and passion, and a good way to stay mentally engaged. If you like to test your brain power, chess is a hobby pursued by millions of people, a game that helps develop strategic thinking skills. An instructional chess software program could be just the push you need to learn one of the world’s most popular games.

Keep on learning

There are many opportunities for intellectual self-improvement, from learning a new language to taking classes online. An increasing number of universities offer a variety of online learning opportunities, from non-credit classes to full degree programs. Some of the country’s leading institutions, such as MIT and Stanford, make available free web-based courses on a wide range of subjects, from physics to plumbing.  

One of the best ways to broaden your intellectual horizons is to learn a second language. Studies have shown that there are many cognitive benefits to bilingualism, such as increased perceptive abilities, and it can make you better at speaking your own language. As we grow older, being able to speak multiple languages can also help prevent dementia and other cognitive problems.

Playing a new tune

Learning to play an instrument is an excellent way to build self-confidence and engage in a relaxing activity that stimulates creativity. If you want to add more music to your life, consider taking online lessons for a musical instrument that interests you.

Personal growth is something everyone needs. These days, there are countless ways to achieve self-improvement based on your individual interests; ultimately, how you achieve growth is a matter of passion, personal interest, and initiative.

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