Personal Growth Means Leaving Bad Behaviors Behind

You’re ready to make big changes in your life, but can’t seem to get started. The problem isn’t that change is hard. The problem is that you are trying to make changes while sticking to the same routines that put you in a rut.

Bye bye bad habits

Bad habits are those behaviors that leave you feeling less than. Less than happy. Less than satisfied. And less than you should be. While certain bad habits should be obvious – overeating, doing drugs – others may seem harmless. Reader’s Digest explains that plopping yourself on the couch for unrestricted TV time, overextending your finances, and skipping breakfast are all actions you should avoid.

A change is gonna come

The first and most important thing you can do is identify actions and situations that don’t contribute to your overall health and well-being. Psych Central contributor Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D. explains that you must also identify the underlying cause of negative behaviors. If you smoke, for instance, do you use that as an excuse to avoid being in a crowded room? Once you know which habits need to change and understand why you do them, write them down. Think of healthy actions you can take instead, and set goals for yourself to make that happen.

Self-care neglect is the worst

One of the worst bad habits is simply neglecting self-care. Self-care is made up of the things you should do each day to make your mind and body healthy and strong. It includes things like brushing your teeth and hair, which you probably do, but other actions as well, such as saying no when you’re overwhelmed, spending time with friends and family, and getting enough sleep. The Laws of Attraction explains in further detail how sensory, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical self-care can help you break through your personal barriers to become the best version of yourself.

Is the way I handle self-care really that important?

The way you treat yourself is a major factor in how well you perform at home, school, or work. Failure to implement necessary self-care practices can leave you tired, flippant, and unmotivated. It’s all but impossible to initiate positive changes and personal growth when you feel this way. Think about it this way: if you don’t get enough sleep, your mind is slow and your reaction times are inhibited. This can make it more difficult to see solutions to problems at work. Someone else may see them first – they will be the one to impress management and move up in their career. Popular Science goes as far as to suggest that physicians who actively implement self-care tactics are better healthcare providers.

Exercise: the most important thing you can do for yourself

Exercise is one of the few things you can do for your body that will have an immediate and noticeable impact on your mental well-being. In addition to making the body strong, exercise serves as a healthy release for tension and stress, and will help you focus your energy in a positive and productive manner. This is especially important if one of your bad habits involves drugs or alcohol. These substances can significantly alter your ability to feel positive emotions such as happiness and satisfaction. In addition to exercise, the food you eat will also play a part in how you feel mentally and physically. A diet full of fast food will bring you down; a diet consisting of whole foods will give you the energy you need to manage even the most chaotic of days.

It doesn’t matter what changes you want to make; you must start with altering those behaviors that will make you less likely to succeed. Pay attention to your body and give it what it needs, and you will find that change will soon be within your reach.

Image via Pixabay